Jeremy Sagala
About Me

About Me

Guitarist and Composer Dr. Jeremy Sagala (b. 1974, USA) is an unusually versatile and experienced musician, with expertise in styles from jazz, fusion and rock, to contemporary composition and electronic sound design. He is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music (with Magna Cum Laude Honors), the Boston Conservatory and The University of Buffalo.  He earned his doctorate in 2006 from Brandeis University. He has over 35 years experience as a guitarist, and over 20 years of professional musical teaching experience.  Both as a guitarist and composer, his music has been played throughout the USA, Germany, Australia and Japan.  Jeremy has presented numerous workshops and courses throughout his career, particularly focusing on improvisation and new music.

The New York Times described his musical language as „rugged but not harsh, and the timbres and gestures he used here–bent pitches, quarter tones, juxtapositions of introspection and explosiveness–yielded an undeniably dramatic sound world„. Others have described his approach as „incredibly elegant“ with „gorgeous pitches and lovely orchestration„. Both his acoustic and electronic compositions are highly informed by spectral techniques and research into psychoacoustics and cognitive studies.  He has founded several music groups and ensembles that seek to deepen the public’s understanding and appreciation of contemporary music of all kinds.

He currently teaches in Zeulenroda-Triebes, Thüringen. Throughout his career he has taught hundreds of students.

I am available for professional session work, online/personal teaching across the world, transcription services, and composition/arranging services. Contact info here.

Session guitar player

High quality guitar recordings in almost any style of music (Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Pop, Commercial, Film Score etc.).  Are you or your band looking for a touring guitarist around Germany?  I do that too. Contact me to talk about it.

Guitar lessons
Professional Online/In-Person Guitar Lessons, short term intensive training, and guidance with long term musical development. Detailed info and teaching reviews (in German) here. 

Individual transcriptions from own songs, covers, guitar solos / riffs or full band arrangements. Delivered via Finale file or PDF.

Need a particular piece of music for project? Jazz tune? Museum installation artwork?  Backing track for your own demo? No problem.  I have 30 years of professional composition and arranging experience.